Why College Is Worth It

Why College Is Worth It

Many high school students think of college as the ticket to a bigger salary, and statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show a strong relationship between a college degree and earnings. But higher potential earnings are only the beginning of the benefits. Surveys show that people with a college education enjoy a higher quality of life and have increased personal and professional mobility. A college education lets you choose a field that truly interests you and earn a living doing something you love. Doing what you’re good at and what you love will provide you with contentment that money can’t buy.

Gain Skills to Last a Lifetime

College also teaches you how to think critically, an ability that’s worth its weight in gold. Mastering this art means having the ability to examine things from every angle before arriving at a conclusion. You’ll be trained to analyze any problems you encounter and decide the best ways to resolve them—a skill that will pay off for the rest of your life. Smart conclusions lead to smart decisions, whether you’re figuring out which car to buy, wrestling with a personal problem or weighing the pros and cons of a job opportunity. At the same time, the improved written and oral communication skills you gain in college will help you express yourself effectively and make a good impression anywhere, in any situation.

Be a Better Person

Other benefits of a college education affect your heart and soul as well as your intellect and wallet. Being part of a college community can help you develop your code of ethics, strengthen your tolerance and sharpen your sense of responsibility. Also, the more knowledgeable you become the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel in any situation and with any group of people. These characteristics are incredibly important in today’s global society.

A Wide-Angle Lens on the World

College gives you the “big picture” of the world, and your point of view will no longer be bound by the limits of your experience. You’ll explore multiple areas and you’ll become well-rounded—not just the “science-wiz” or “bookworm” you may be now. And of course, with all this newfound wisdom, you’ll gain self-confidence, enabling you to tackle virtually any situation or problem you confront with a can-do attitude.

Put it all together: You owe it to yourself to get a college education in any field, at any college into which you are accepted.