Meet Gates Millennium Scholar x Entrepreneur: Jomari Peterson, GMS 2004

Meet Jomari Peterson, Gates Millennium Scholar, Class of 2004

The Digital Reserve



Jomari Peterson has significant experience in the Blockchain space as one of the founding members of the Quantum Resistant Ledger Blockchain. He helped to delivered a 10x return as the Co-founder for the Quantum Resistant Ledger, leading to a $100 Million+ Valuation. As a serial entrepreneur, academic and public speaker, Jomari Peterson brings vision, a strong understanding of the business landscape and an interdisciplinary technical background to the establishment of Gama Ventures. Jomari has a strong history in the development of systems and process improvement evidenced by his management of budgets over $18 million dollars and 80+ employees. Jomari also facilitated and supported the raise of millions of dollars for social enterprises and non-profit activities at the Oasis Project. He is a PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering & Public Policy with a focus on risk assessment and system design. Prior to Carnegie Mellon, he received his B.S. and MBA in Strategy & Logistics from Howard University.


GMS: Tell us about your business.


Jomari: The Digital Reserve is a automated microlending platform built to provide financial access to under invested communities. It is designed as a global solution for international investments as microloans.

BridgIt  creates a map for the internet. Through the use of super-tags, we are able to connect various content online through the creation of two-way hyperlinks, which we call bridges. Our goal is to create the context layer for the internet through the formalizing of relationships of text, audio, video and images throughout the internet.

Finite Games also known as Infinity Games is a video game development studio focused on the creation of new verticals in the gaming space. We are looking to launch block chain enabled casual esport games where players own their in-game assets.


What inspired you to create Finite Games, BridgIt, and The Digital Reserve ?

I got into the cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming space while investigating how to implement a robust approach to mobile and online voting. While reaching out to various experts, I had a conversation with David Chaum. He mentioned the use of blockchain transactions for validation. While assessing the viability, I saw that there was a risk factor that needed to be mitigated, the eventuality of quantum computing. After co-founding the Quantum Resistant Ledger and bringing it to a $100 Million valuation, I was looking for projects more closely aligned to my personal passions and interests.

Finite Games was born out of my love for gaming and a lack of block chain enabled games I would play. Bridgit was created out of frustration with the current internet experience and reliance on google to provide connections to other online content. The Digital Reserve was a natural development from my analysis of how to build a viable proof of stake system that doesn’t just rewarded the financially wealth.


GMS: Tell us how the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program (GMS) directly or indirectly had a part in your path to becoming an entrepreneur?


Jomari:  The Gates Millennium Scholarship was why I was able to attend Carnegie Mellon University and hone my interdisciplinary skills. This was foundation to my ability to founding the Quantum Resistant Ledger and the following businesses.


GMS: What advice would you give to other Gates Millennium Scholars who aspire to come an entrepreneur?


Jomari: My advice would be to hone the ability to build as much of the business yourself and understand the processes necessary for your business to survive and thrive.



To learn more about Jomari Peterson and his entrepreneurial efforts, please visit his LinkedIn and business websites.

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