Meet Gates Millennium Scholar x Entrepreneur: Durecia Moorer, GMS 2007

Meet Durecia Moorer, Gates Millennium Scholar, Class of 2007

Managing Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

ABCD & Company


Durecia Moorer is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and strategic marketing advisor. Moorer, a Managing Partner, serves as Chief Marketing Officer at ABCD & Company. In her post, Moorer has oversight of business development, marketing strategy, and strategic partnerships. Moorer, is recognized as a thought leader in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

GMS: Please tell us about your business ABCD & Company.

Durecia: ABCD & Company (ABCD) is a marketing and events firm that specializes in stakeholder engagement. We leverage technology, cross-functional teams, and a national network of suppliers to help our clients better connect and communicate with their internal and external stakeholders. We accomplish this through five core services: digital and creative services, branding, conferences and events, people strategy, and communications and engagement.

Durecia: ABCD is guided by the following principles:

  1. Providing excellence in service from start to end;
  2. Helping mission driven organizations and companies impact the communities they serve;
  3. Embracing creativity in the business sector;
  4. Demonstrating ethical and responsible growth.


GMS: What inspired you to start ABCD & Company?:

Durecia: In January 2014, Amber Dozier, Brittanye Calhoun, Corey Briscoe, and I decided to start ABCD. After graduating from Howard University (All four partners are Howard University graduates), ABCD spent time developing their professional skills yet landed together in West Baltimore providing operational, marketing, administrative and programming support to a faith-based institution. What inspired us all was the ability to be sharp individually, but unstoppable together. Recognizing the limitless earning potential, opportunity to give back to the community, and dynamic results from pro-bono clients, ABCD decided to make it official.

GMS: How did the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program directly or indirectly had a part in your path to being an entrepreneur?:

Durecia: The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program inspired me to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to replicate the opportunity that was afforded to me. Blazing a path for students to be exposed to opportunities that they would not otherwise was always my goal.

GMS: What advice would you give other Gates Millennium Scholars who  have aspirations  of becoming an entrepreneur?

Durecia: I would say do not despite small beginnings. Being a startup/small business owner is not easy, but there are a plethora of resources out there to help you succeed. Use your startup phase as an opportunity to test the market, find your brand voice, and add value. Build relationships and be consistent. Take a financial class, enroll in a program, find mentors, invest in you and your brand

To Learn more about Durecia Moorer  and  ABCD & Company please visit her LinkedIn page and business website!
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